Gratis Probestunde


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Why are you training?

Our main goal is to teach you how to move.
We want to give you knowledge not information.
We will offer you the most welcoming atmosphere possible.
We don’t care about your current abilities.
But you have to put in the work. Period. Listen, learn, work hard and show up regularly.
You have to understand why you are doing and how you should be doing movements.
We won’t be cheerleaders for you though we will be cheering for you.

Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity was doing the same things over and over again expecting different results.
We will help you shed a light on your current movement abilities and start from there.
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What are the cornerstones of our gym?

Balanced Training - Community - Coaching are the fundamentals of our gym.

Balanced Training:
We are training you to fill gaps in your body’s system.
We want you to be able to actually apply that to any sport you can think of.
So you don’t get hurt doing sports.

One human being is no human being. We love to gather, workout together, have fun and hand out high fives.
BBQs, workshops and much more are an essential part of creating an environment where you feel at home.

We are offering: 1on1 - everybody has to start somewhere. No matter how fit you are you will start with mandatory 1on1 sessions to lay out a basic understanding of technique and intensity.
Group setting - Let’s keep it fun and train in groups - so we can push each other. Who wants to train alone anyways?
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What is functional training?

Form follows function. Are you thinking about joint positioning while being chased by a bear?

Evolution brought us somewhere.
We have spent thousands of years carrying or holding stuff in between our hands.
Isn’t this the way we are supposed to be loaded when starting to train?

Teaching movement patterns and muscle building
Teaching proper torquing
Teaching compound exercises

We want to offer the best coaches and coaching tools to normal people as well. Not only to top level athletes.
Or are you saying that grandma doesn’t deserve good training? Only NBA players?

We have to create a system that fits our evolutionary needs and is applicable to everybody. 
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What is the ultimate goal of training?

Stress your body as much as you can without breaking it. How?

Balance your planes of movement.
Balance your energy systems.
Balance holding, loading and carrying.

Technique vs. intensity
We will give you the opportunity to learn proper technique and work on activating certain muscle groups.
We will give you the opportunity to experience real intensity without the limiting factor being technique.

Do you want to learn more about the difference between intensity and pain?
Intensity is discomfort. Not pain.

Keep the intensity part low in weight bearing, eccentrics and skills and you will win.
Interested in reverse engineering your faulty movement pattern to get rid of pain?

Are you ready to learn?
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What are the requirements for training at our gym?

Be willing to learn, giving your best effort of the day and train twice per week.
Don’t go for eighth place trophies. Life is a binary system. Go all in or all out.
You are either fueling or fixing the problem.

How long is it going to take?
As long as it takes.